January 06, 2015


Fresh, organic, delicious: these three words can perfectly define our experience at Inspira Boutique Hotel restaurant Open Brasserie Mediterrânica. I could have chosen a list of several other words, including the kindness how we're received, but if I can only choose three words to describe this restaurant these would be the ones. 

The first time I went to lunch at Open (you can read all about it by clicking here) I become a fan of the all concept that this restaurant evolves: the incredible dishes created of top organic ingredients, including gluten and lactose free options with the plus of vegetarian and vegan dishes (pretty amazing, right?), and also because of the wonderful contribution that we can give to the foundation PumpAid - Water for Life by purchasing a bottle of water. How special it is to know that thousands of people in Africa are having access to safe water supplies thanks to this action, so don't forget, next time you'll go to Open or to Inspira please buy one of these bottle waters, your simple gesture can make all the difference for thousands of lives. 

Open restaurant is one of the restaurants that I always recommend in Lisbon, simply because the food is truly fantastic. We started our Saturday dinner with a tasty amuse-bouche, being followed by an entrée of Organic Vegetables with Goat Cheese. The main courses were Stewed Guinea Fowl thigh with Mushroom Risotto (which could have been a bit heavy for dinner, but honestly I didn't care about it, at Open you can enjoy the best Risottos in town!), and an incredible Rack of Lamb with its aromatic herbs crust, Mashed Potatoes and Vegetables which was the winner of the night. For dessert we shared a Chocolate Mousse with Caramel Foam and Peanut Butter and a Puff Pastry of Rocha Pear with Cottage Cheese and Eucalyptus Honey, the second one delighted our palate. 

Now, to end this article of course I'm going to choose more three words: comforting, natural, real food that make us want to comeback to Open Brasserie Mediterrânica restaurant. I bet that on the next time I won't resist (again) to the Risotto...same old story ;)

For Reservations at Open Brasserie Mediterrânica Restaurant contact:
Rua de Santa Marta, 48, Lisbon
+351 918 992 860

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January 02, 2015


Two years ago we discovered an urban oasis in the heart of Lisbon - the Inspira Santa Marta Hotel & Spa - and for this second time we (re)discovered it again, looking more stunning than ever. You can read the first article by clicking here.

Inspira means "breathe' and at this special Boutique Hotel we can really breathe. Breathe in/Breathe out with such a peaceful feeling invading our souls, all because of the Feng Shui principles in which Inspira was created and also decorated. 

Everywhere at this Hotel, from the lobby to the rooms, you can feel the positive energy all around, thanks to the joint of the five Feng Shui elements - water, earth, fire, wood and metal - creating such an interesting and visually magnificient architectural result. But most all is how Inspira make us feel: balanced, completely relaxed, energized, with a feeling of pure tranquility. Even while working, answering to the hundred of emails in our email box, I had this calmness as stress can't reaching us out. Priceless.

From all the Hotels around the world that we have the pleasure to stay, Inspira inspired us to decorate our future house based on the Feng Shui, so we will always find the feeling that we always find there: peace in our heart and souls

Enjoy the first pictures of the year that we have for you, Hello 2015! We have this feeling that this New Year is going to be wonderful, magical, a blessed year. Happy, Happy New Year! That this happiness will be a constant in your lives, start writing you new chapter now. Reach out for the Stars. Dare to Dream. Love 

For Reservations at Inspira Santa Marta Boutique Hotel & Spa contact:
Rua de Santa Marta, 48, Lisbon
+351 210 440 990

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December 31, 2014


If you are in Paris still looking for the special location for tonight's New Year's Eve dinner we have the perfect suggestion for you: Le Pur' by Jean François Roquette at Park Hyatt Paris.

Celebrate in style this New Year's Eve in one of the top Michelin-starred restaurant where the incredible Chef Jean-François will take you on a creative and refined gastronomic journey, unveiling a wealth of new pleasures tonight, you can check tonight's menu by clicking here.

Today is the last day of 2014 and what a magic, beautiful, blessed year it was, feeling so thankful, 2015 is going to be even more magical and greater, 2015 we are so ready for you 

For Reservations at Le Pur' contact:
5 Rue de la Paix, Paris
+33 1 5871 1060

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