November 25, 2015



There's something about a long cashmere sweater that make us feel so cozy... These pictures were taken before heading to work last week, in a 3 minute shoot? 8h30, freezing cold, well, maybe I am exaggerating, only cold, hair tuck in my jacket and off we go. The Macbook in its case is definitely accessorizing the look isn't it? Not really but it's one my must-haves at work and it makes part of my everyday looks ;)

Tomorrow you can expect the rest of our Porto weekend pictures but meanwhile, enjoy this #ootd.

Chloé 'Cate' Tote
Massimo Dutti Sweater and Boots
Zara Jacket and Pants
Ray Ban 'Wayfarer' sunglasses

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November 23, 2015


There are all sorts of getaways - romantic, chic, adventurous... - I guess I like to mix all them up and simply have an amazing escape from the routine. At least one weekend a month we go on a getaway to somewhere else, this one wasn't definitely to far away from our new hometown, Guimarães, it was just a forty-five minutes trip to Porto but even if you're going on a ten minutes journey, just go out and inspire yourself. On the other day I was reading an article on a magazine that was all about the perks of traveling: it estimulastes our brain in a super powerful way, besides our creativity and imagination. So next time you're going to offer a gift to someone else or to yourself, book a trip to some beautiful destination instead of a material gift, it will bring you so much more. "Travel, the only thing you can buy that makes you richer".

Whenever I travel, even if it is on my own country, I always feel more motivated and inspired. Each portuguese city as their own allure, they're unique and Porto must be one of my ultimate favorite portuguese cities. Don't know if you saw the latest Vogue US Editorial in Porto (shot by Mario Testino, amazing Styling by Tonne Goodman and Gigi Hadid modeling. wow!) you must see it. This city is full of enchantments, I always love to go there and pay a visit to 'Majestic Café' or 'Livraria Lello', possible the most beautiful Caffé and Bookstore in the world. Everytime I go to 'Lello' I channel my inner Hermione and I pretend I am on a Harry Potter book (you can tell by my face on the picture below) it's simply magical. 

This past weekend, My Love and I went to The Yeatman Hotel and we had some fabulous time. Now I am also having a few days off to relax, but haven't planned anything, actually I am just being a lazy potato at home, doing all our Christmas décor (can't wait to show you!) and some delicious recipes for dinner. Yup, besides being a Stylist I also have some hidden talent for cuisine, just kidding, I let that to Fernando, he's the Chef at home. My only talent and passion is Fashion! Guess that next year on my vacations I will do something big, we are thinking about a road trip through the Amalfi coast? Friends of mine say we have to go and I don't need more arguments to convince me, guess that we have to. On Thursday I will be back at my beloved work with tons of new energy, but meanwhile I guess I will update our baby Katefp everyday. You'll be spoiled! Sending you all my love, talk to you soon x x 

Chloé 'Cate' tote
Daniel Wellington 'Classic Cambridge' watch
Massimo Dutti shirt
Mango sweater
Zara pants
Adidas 'Stan Smith' sneakers

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October 24, 2015


You read it: Countdown Begins Now. It's been a while, actually, a long time that we don't update our Katefp because of very special reasons - new city, new home. But the wait is over, next month you will have new contents every week, here on the blog and on social media. This time pinky promise from your Farfetch-er Stylist.

Sending you all our love and talk to you soon!



Dior So Real Sunglasses
Zara Blazer and Pants
Mango Top and Belt
Adidas 'Stan Smith' Sneakers

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July 18, 2015


Hello my loves, how I miss you like crazy! I could start by apologize for being so distant these weeks but you all know the reason: we just moved into our new apartment and we don't have a desk yet, nor our Mac family, nor camera there...so we can't update that often but soon we will be updating with more regularly. Life is magic and I'm so grateful for every moment in our lives! 

Last week we went to Lisbon to attend NOS Alive Festival and it is probably our favorite music festival in Portugal, we went to see Disclosure and it was pretty amazing. Sam Smith was also lovely, his voice, wow, stunning! Disclosure was dancyyy music at it's best, we definitely showed some our dance moves to their sound, you should see the videos we did, I am sure you wouldn't like to hear me singing "help me lose my mind..." ;) they also present some of the new songs from their latest album and I'm sure you're going to love it!

About this festival outfit was all about sparkle, shine bright like a diamond am I right? :) Sending you all our love and talk to you really soon!

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May 20, 2015


Second day of holidays blessed by this amazing sunny weather and it feels so good, my loves! This week is going to be all about recharging batteries to comeback to work at my beloved Farfetch full of energy. Just a quick update: we finally found our new home/flat in Guimarães! And we already have the keys...so from today we have no excuses if we don't update our baby KATEFP, because now everything is back on track, two/three article per week are guaranteed very, very soon. Can't wait for new beginnings, we have this feeling that some really magical things are about to happen in our lives, could't be more grateful  

About today's look: boho babe for the win, you can't even imagine how wonderful the weather is, and apparently is going to be like this all week long, feeling really lucky, I mean, crop tops and shorts? We have no plans for these holidays, we thought about traveling to some paradisiac destinations but you know what, I think we will save all the traveling on my next vacation, any suggestions? 

Also, we will going to start translating in portuguese again so stay tuned, portuguese translation coming up. Sending you all of our love and see you tomorrow #sharethelove x x


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