May 20, 2015


H&M x Balmain coming up this Fall: November 5, 2015. Read all about it following this link.

Are you ready? #HMBalmaination 
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May 17, 2015


Second day of holidays blessed by this amazing sunny weather and it feels so good, my loves! This week is going to be all about recharging batteries to comeback to work at my beloved Farfetch full of energy. Just a quick update: we finally found our new home/flat in Guimarães! And we already have the keys...so from today we have no excuses if we don't update our baby KATEFP, because now everything is back on track, two/three article per week are guaranteed very, very soon. Can't wait for new beginnings, we have this feeling that some really magical things are about to happen in our lives, could't be more grateful  

About today's look: boho babe for the win, you can't even imagine how wonderful the weather is, and apparently is going to be like this all week long, feeling really lucky, I mean, crop tops and shorts? We have no plans for these holidays, we thought about traveling to some paradisiac destinations but you know what, I think we will save all the traveling on my next vacation, any suggestions? 

Also, we will going to start translating in portuguese again so stay tuned, portuguese translation coming up. Sending you all of our love and see you tomorrow #sharethelove x x


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April 12, 2015


"Farfetch Curates: Food" is my must-have coffee table book of the moment, perfect for a foodie (and fashionista) like me. It has everything that I love inside: food, Fashion and traveling in a beautifully illustrated book.

In this first volume you can find all the guide trends in food right now, from breakfast, lunch and dinner featuring some of the coolest people in the Fashion scene (Leandra Medine from the one and only Man Repeller, Elettra Rosellini Wiedemann, you name it).

I simply can't wait for the next "Farfetch Curates" series, because this one is just the beginning. 

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April 11, 2015


Hello our loves, how much we missed you and our baby KATEFP like crazy these past weeks! I know I told you that KATEFP was back but maybe in one month we will be (completely) back on track. 

I have to explain you what's happening lately: we are on a serious flat hunting right now, deciding if we are going to move to an apartment or to Porto or to Guimarães. As you might already noticed I am working at Farfetch and I couldn't be more happier and proud to be officially part of the Farfetch team next to my Farfetch family and of being a #Farfetcher. It is such blessing when we are able to do what we love everyday, always follow your dreams.

My Love and I till the end of this month will move for our next apartment (that we didn't find it yet), and while we are searching we don't have literally time to take new pictures or update the blog because quality instead of quantity was and is our motto on KATEFP. So, as soon we will move into our new apartment we will finally have all the equipment to update the KATEFP (from our Nikon to our iMac/Macbook, promise I am not advertising Apple, but yup, we totally have an Apple family in our home... ;)).

In one of our flat huntings these last weeks we shot these couple of pictures where my Barbie sweater was the key of my look, very girly girl for sure, with a walk through magical Serralves gardens where I deeply breathe appreciating the blessings and the beauty in life

Don't forget to follow us on @katefpofficial for daily updates, sending you all the love and talk to you soon!

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March 01, 2015


It is been a while since we had a long weekend to relax in our hometown, but it happened this weekend. On Friday the sun was shining and I got not "J's on my feet", but Stan's on my feet and I loved it :) 

To be honest with you I wasn't very sure of buying a pair of Stan Smith because almost everyone (kinda literally) have a pair, but as one of my friends said "It is like having a white t-shirt, everyone have one, that is the same with a pair of Stan Smith." True story. It is a classic, a wardrobe staple and our own Style make them unique. These were just the first couple of pictures wearing the Stan's because I have to show you on a next and proper outfit article.

Now that I am getting used to see some Adidas luv on my feet, I'm thinking about getting also the Adidas Superstar...guess I just need to decide in which color ;)


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