April 15, 2014


Festival season is on, and so it is Festival Fashion! We selected a couple of looks (that you can find on our Looks section) that we hope to inspire you in this music Festival season. Tell us, what's your favorite and what are going to wear on the next music Festival? 

We missed Coachella this year, but maybe next year we'll be there too, it's for sure one the greatest music festivals of the year and Fashion talking is simply amazing, on an all another level. Meanwhile, there is Rock in Rio which we're going to attend it, yay, and perhaps Optimus Alive (it was so, but so awesome to see Justice live two years ago). 

So stay tuned lovelies, for this and so much more because some really cool projects and trips are coming on its way! Can't wait to share more with you! Enjoy your day! xx

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April 13, 2014



Five days without writing you lovelies seems forever, you can't believe how much we missed you, but now that i'm completely recovered, thank God, we promise you the usual daily articles. And we promised on monday that you'll had a new look on Katefp this week and here it is! A look very Italy, Dolce&Gabbana inspired...that hopefully it will take us on a special trip. It would be such a dream come true to fly to Rome and to join the most amazing event with the incredible STYLIGHT and Fabi team. We believe that dreams really come true...specially when we truly believe it inside our hearts and don't only just follow our dreams but chase them. 

Life is the most precious gift, a miracle, that we all should appreciate and value to the most. If sometimes our days are spent complaining it happens that when we're sick, for example, we tend to appreciate life even more. When we have health and love we have it all. It really is a cliche but money doesn't bring happiness, or doesn't buy health or love so, please, live your days to the fullest and smile. Keep on smiling everyday! Life is sweet, even with their ups and downs, it makes part of the lessons that we all have to learn, it is 'La Dolce Vita'. 

Enjoy your sunday beauties and hope you'll enjoy today's outfit, specially photographed by My Love who always does a brilliant work, yesterday we had so much fun doing these couple of pictures that we think you can see through them! Lots of love, baci! xx


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April 07, 2014


This article was to be published on the past week sweethearts but between some kind of food allergy (don't even tell me about it, trying to recovering asap, all i can tell you is that my arms and my knees looked like some red tomatoes, auch, but i'm feeling much better now, guess that tomorrow i'll be completely well). 

Last saturday was spent at Portugal Fashion in Porto and we had such an awesome time between our stay at Rosa Et Al and while attending at some Fashion shows such as of our favorite portuguese designer Luís Onofre who never ceases to amaze us, another brilliant collection filled of rich materials and utterly gorgeous designs. The sneakers, the gold heels, the high top boots...were beyond amazing, seeing Luís Onofre's collections makes us so proud of the portuguese talent. 

Enjoy these couple of pictures beauties and see you tomorrow (hopefully feeling much better, now is time for a cup of tea, books, bed and watching my favorite tv shows, what about HIMYM's finale? ;) ). 

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April 02, 2014


If there is a meal at which we can't resist is to the brunch, specially on weekends. On Instagram we even created the hashtag #searchingforthebestbrunch...stay tuned, more coming soon. The brunch is such a moment of sharing, of giving, of tranquility...and on sunday our brunch was at Rosa Et Al.

In the dining room style berliner coffee house from the 50's we're delighted with a view for the garden and a rainy day, as it happened on our Suite Deluxe. If it was a beautiful sunny day we would enjoy it of course at the garden but we would be happy everywhere.

The brunch at Rosa Et Al is made in three times: ours were divided between yoghurt with granola, fruit salad of the season with honey, a Croque Madame pour la madame and Arlington Eggs pour le monsieur (actually, for both), croissants, scones, jams...all homemade with love. Almost everything that we tasted is made at Rosa Et Al from the yoghurt, the bread, the jams to the scones. And let me tell you that these scones were the best that we ever tried, so rich and delicious (and which remind me that we forget to ask for the recipe) not forgetting the pistachio bread from the Croque Madame and the Arlington Eggs. About the beverages we went for the Adventure tea with floral notes (from a variety of thirty and four teas) and natural orange juice.
A divine brunch that filled us of joy at heart and that you really have to enjoy it as soon as possible, because you will also going to adore it. Give you our word 


Se existe refeição à qual não conseguimos resistir é o brunch, especialmente aos fins de semana. No Instagram até já criamos a hashtag #searchingforthebestbrunch...fiquem atentos, more coming soon.  O brunch é um momento de partilha, de tranquilidade...e no domingo o nosso brunch foi no Rosa Et Al

Na sala de refeições estilo coffee house berlinense dos anos 50 fomos contemplados com a vista para o jardim e um dia chuvoso, como aconteceu na nossa Suite Deluxe. Se estivesse um belo dia de sol iríamos com certeza desfrutar do brunch para o jardim mas ficaríamos felizes em qualquer lado. 

O brunch no Rosa Et Al faz-se em três tempos: os nossos dividiram-se entre iogurte com granola, salada de fruta da época com mel, um Croque Madame pour la madame e Ovos Arlington pour le monsieur (na verdade, para os dois), croissants, scones, compotas...homemade with love, feito com amor. Quase tudo o que provamos é confeccionado no Rosa Et Al desde o iogurte, o pão, as compotas até aos scones. E deixem-me dizer-vos que estes foram os melhores scones que já provamos, tão ricos e deliciosos (e que me lembra que devíamos ter pedido a receita) não esquecendo o pão com pistácios do Croque Madame e dos Ovos Arlington. Já o acompanhamento foi chá Adventure com notas florais (duma panóplia de trinta e quatro chás) e sumo de laranja (natural).
Um brunch divinal que nos deixou de coração cheio e que têm de ir experimentar o mais rápido possível, porque também vocês vão adorar. Give you our word 

Rosa Et Al Townhouse
Rua do Rosário, 233, Porto
916 000 081
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April 01, 2014


There is a rose in Porto that enchanted us from the first moment that we glimpsed it: the Rosa Et Al Townhouse.
The "Rua do Rosário" breathes art everywhere, or it wasn't called of "Quarteirão das Artes", and the Rosa Et Al is a true work of art of open doors to the world.

When we knock at the hand-shaped of the white door, number 233, we are kindly received by Luz, in a reception that is at the same time a concept store (where we can find homemade jams, noteworthy bottles of wine...) who presented us this charm "hotel" of the siblings, Patrícia and Emanuel, who we didn't met personally but who we've sure that they would also receive us with open arms in their home. "A home away from home", made by travelers for travelers

"And then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like I Love You...", we hear the sweet and velvety voices of Frank and Nancy Sinatra while arriving to our Suite Deluxe on Rosa's second floor. The soundtrack playing on the radio is serene matching with this retro-vintage Suite, that make us enter on a time machine to the 50's, 60's...for moments i wished to be wearing a flowery godé skirt matching the view to the garden with vegetable products used in home and aromatics. To wake up with this view and to hear the seagulls was such a sense of full harmony. The sheets, pillows and towels are Piubelle, brand of choice also in our home, and the amenities Castelbel, details of refinement that elevate this home to the next level.
But not only of retro-vintage inspirations is made our Suite and the Townhouse, which was once the "Livraria Civilização", we can also find retro-modern touches here and there like in the bathroom between the mixture of the bathtub to the metallic mirror, or in the sensational ceiling installation.

The details in this house are unique such as the possibility to pick a book at the mini library of the third floor or to enjoy a surprise tasting dinner by appointment, you just have to say to the Chef what you don't like and he delights you with a journey of flavors. This time we didn't have the chance to enjoy the dinner due to our busy schedule but on the other hand we had all the time in the world for the brunch that you're be able to find out on a next article.

This was our very first time at a Townhouse and the experience couldn't be more wonderful thanks to this Rose in Porto.


Há uma rosa no Porto que nos encantou desde o primeiro instante em que a vislumbramos: o Rosa Et Al Townhouse.
Na Rua do Rosário respira-se arte por todos os cantos, ou não fosse apelidada de "Quarteirão das Artes", e o Rosa Et Al é um verdadeiro objecto de arte de portas abertas para o mundo.

Ao batermos no pendente em forma de mão da porta branca do 223 somos gentilmente recebidos pela Luz, numa recepção que é ao mesmo tempo uma concept store (onde podemos encontrar compotas caseiras, vinhos dignos de nota...) que nos apresentou este "hotel" de charme dos irmãos Patrícia e Emanuel, que não chegamos a conhecer pessoalmente mas que temos a certeza que nos receberiam  também de braços abertos no seu lar. Porque assim o sentimos, "a home away from home", feita por viajantes para viajantes. 

"And then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like I Love You...", ouvem-se as vozes doces e aveludadas de Frank e Nancy Sinatra à chegada da nossa Suite Deluxe do segundo andar do Rosa. A banda sonora a tocar na rádio é serena a condizer com esta Suite retro-vintage, que nos faz entrar numa máquina do tempo até aos anos 50, 60...por momentos desejei estar a usar uma saia em godé florida a condizer com a vista para o jardim com relva, produtos hortícolas utilizados na casa e aromáticas. Abrir a varanda, acordar com esta vista e ouvir as gaivotas foi uma sensação de plena harmonia. Os lençóis, almofadas e toalhas são Piubelle, marca de eleição também na nossa casa, e as amenities Castelbel, detalhes de requinte que elevam esta casa a outro patamar.
Mas nem de só inspirações retro-vintage se faz a nossa Suite e o Rosa, que já foi em tempos a Livraria Civilização, também há toques retro-modernos aqui e acolá como no quarto de banho entre a mistura da banheira de pés rebuscados até ao espelho metálico, ou na sensacional instalação no tecto. 

Os detalhes nesta casa são únicos como o podermos ir buscar um livro à mini biblioteca do terceiro andar ou saborear um jantar por marcação de degustação surpresa, basta dizermos o que não gostamos ao Chef da casa que somos deleitados com uma viagem de sabores. Desta vez não tivemos tempo para um jantar mas tivemos todo o tempo do mundo para um brunch que vão poder descobrir num próximo artigo.

Esta foi a primeira vez que ficamos num Townhouse e a experiência não poderia ter sido mais maravilhosa graças a esta Rosa no Porto. 

Rosa Et Al Townhouse
Rua do Rosário, 233, Porto
916 000 081
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