January 14, 2017


This winter light is quite magical...I have to confess I am such a portuguese lover, you can get this sunny warm feeling all year long. And let's hope for a magnificent new year filled of love, health and pure bliss 

Three layers and you are ready to enjoy the weekend, today I went for black on top with my favorite zip knit, a structured blazer and a leather (dad) cap. Dad caps are definitely here to stay, aren't they? Just look at the Balenciaga Resort '17 to get inspired, quite need those caps in my life (both in black and in white please!).

A magical light captured by my friend Miguel who is the author of the lovely Mr. Gradient blog, amazing reading for Fashion lovers as us. Yes, because years go by and my passions remain the same, such as Fashion, always and forever. Have you already discovered your biggest passion in life?

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November 12, 2016


One of the best things of being freezing outside is the chance to wear all these soft and warm knits, jackets, coats...I have to confess I love every single season of the year because each one is so special, but the transitional seasons such as Spring and Autumn can be particularly beautiful

Today while is it pouring raining nothing better than a big chunky knit, a cup of tea in my hand while reading a book. But have to get ready to go out at night, and "baby it's cold outside" so I'll better take my coziest coat with me.

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October 10, 2016


On a midweek holiday everything I wanted to wear was an all white look, and some cold shoulders

Every season has it charm but I have to admit I was kinda missing to hear all this cozy and soft knits. I could have swapped the sneakers for some cool loafers (for instance a pair of furry Gucci?) and put some accessories on but sometimes you just want to keep it minimal. Specially when you know your plans that day will be escaping the city and going to enjoy the nature. With a vintage LV of course ;) .

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October 08, 2016


Sweatshirt (check), cap (check), Nike Cortez sneakers (check). 

Athleisure shows no signs of slowing down, thanks for that Demna! Who doesn't want to live all day on a Vetements hoodie or oversized sweatshirt? Guilty. Mine is not Vetements (yet!) but it is a really cool one from H&M featuring some big apple love. I am really having the Vetements fever, besides wanting every single one of their sweatshirts I am seriously having a moment for their deconstructed denim. Game on.

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April 02, 2016


"No words can explain how the way I am missing you' sings Sam Smith, and these words are for me to you.

Finally we have our little office at our new home and we are back, we are, this time we really mean it but it will be with a new twist so I can have the balance between my beloved job and updating our baby Katefp. Sometimes it feels good to take some time off, to live to the fullest, to work to the fullest, to think in new ideas...when there is so much to live. But other times it feels so good to be back, to share our visual diary with you with a total completely different energy.

 Hope you will enjoy these pictures wearing the coziest look and talk to you later! 

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