September 28, 2012


An Instadiary full of flashbacks from the past couple of weeks. There is no doubt that the social networks make us really addicted in show what we're doing (or eating) in a certain moment, and see what that person who we admire in the other corner of the world he/she's doing also, what is certain is that we should use it for our own good but don't forgetting the real world. If you ask me if i could live without all these gadgets, hmm no, even because they are a way to bring even more beauty to this world. Because sometimes when we don't have our camera next to us, we pick our iPhone and we capture a picture that we consider beautiful, or a special moment that we want to share. And Instagram (follow us on @katefpofficial) is being such a great way to do it. We hope that you like our "diary" from these past couple of weeks, where you can see some of the projects that we're working on to share with you soon, and of course a lot, lot of Instafood, yep, breakfasts and lunches that are worth to be showed. Enjoy! A million kisses beauties, we wish you a wonderful weekend full of happiness, see you on tuesday,

Catarina de Anciães


Um Instadiary repleto de flashbacks destas últimas semanas. Não há dúvida que as redes sociais tornaram-nos deveras viciados em compartilhar o que estamos a fazer (ou comer) naquele momento, e ver esse alguém que admiramos na outra ponta do mundo o que também está a fazer, o que é certo é que as devemos usar para o nosso próprio bem mas não esquecendo o mundo real. Se me perguntarem se conseguia viver sem todos estes gadgets, hmm não, e até porque são uma forma de trazer ainda mais beleza para o mundo. Porque às vezes quando não temos a nossa câmara ao pé, pegamos no iPhone e captura-se uma imagem que consideramos bela, ou um momento especial que desejamos partilhar. E o Instagram (sigam-nos em @katefpofficial) está a ser uma óptima maneira para o fazer. Esperamos que gostem do nosso "diário" destas últimas semanas, onde podem ficar a conhecer alguns dos projectos em que estamos a trabalhar para em breve partilharmos com vocês, e claro muitos, muitos Instafood, yep, pequenos-almoços e almoços dignos de serem mostrados. Enjoy! Muitos beijinhos queridos, um fim de semana maravilhoso, até terça,

Catarina de Anciães

Some of our latest press on VOGUE Portugal and on betrend.pt (very, very proud of these ones)
These Ray-Ban cat-eyes glasses really caught our attention on dear Pedro Crispim's Atelier SP, they're just so cool / This painting in our bedroom is one of our favorites, all we can say is that exciting trips are coming soon
We're working on a project in a paradise resort that you'll be able to see and discover in a couple of days, one word to describe it: divine
These The Body Shop products that we received are just so great for our skin and it smells wonderful, it has an ideal aroma for this season / Our delicious (and beautiful) breakfast, isn't it adorable?
This coffee cocktail on Delta Café has to be one of the best that we ever tried / An all black outfit: leather pants, bag and wedged sneakers. Rock n' roll mood?
Food, food, food, an amazing lunch in one of our top restaurants that is putting water on our mouth just to look at it again / A very healthy homemade dessert after lunching in home, just love fruit salad with a touch of honey
Sea of colored shoes in PRIMARK, got to bring a pair of almost each one of them / A picture with our business cards, we love our logo so much
Anybody want a cupcake? Scented candles with vanilla and strawberry aromas, they smell sooo good /  New on our Fashion bookshelf  "A Fashion history of the 20th century" by Taschen
Guess that i have to say goodbye to bare legs, from now on, hello tights / This necklace is pure Love
I already told you guys: really have to try different hairstyles more often, promise!
A little temptation on our desk: a typical portuguese sweet "Bola de Berlim" / Pizza and Calzone on a late dinner
"An apple a day keeps the doctor away": fresh fruit is always essential on our morning routine / A walk by the lake seeing this stunning view
These shoes are made for walking, says the song, but in the case, these Nike are made for running. Now, almost every morning here we go running. When you ask me guys about how do i keep fit, i love to run and also Hydrogymnastic, i think that is much more fun make gymnastic inside water to tone our body / Still thinking of this LV, i repeat: really need to buy a Vespa 
In our little niece's birthday party, we can tell you that we ate too much candy #yummy / Lady could be the right girl for Aimee's Charcoal from Song of Style, they would make such a gorgeous couple :)
And Lady again on her pink bed ready to sleep / Fresh cheese with homemade pumpkin jam and a coffee for a treat
An entrance of several sweets as Pastéis de Bélem, Napolitanas, Palmiers, Cinnamon Rolls...before my birthday dinner and cake / A birthday gift offered me by my beloved sister, just adored it so much, already started to styling everyday my mannequin 
Presenting the PRIMARK casting next to the lovely contestants on the runway / My Pimpão in the PRIMARK Casting judge
My Love and I with our PRIMARK styled mannequins, we just noticed that we are very much alike with them ihih ;) A happy weekend sweeties, see you on tuesday!


  1. A graciosidade com que apresentas estas imagens sao uma lufada de ar fresco na nossa vida.Adoramos o vosso trabalho.Obrigada e continuem.Beijinhos e parabens.

  2. A graciosidade com que apresentas estas imagens sao uma lufada de ar fresco na nossa vida.Adoramos o vosso trabalho.Obrigada e continuem.Beijinhos e parabens.

  3. Sofia Fonseca28.9.12

    Fantástica estas vossas semanas. Bjo

  4. Anonymous28.9.12

    Great life...!!!

  5. Anonymous28.9.12

    Lucky people...!!!!! :P

  6. I've been following you on Instagram @stilettoesdiva and love following your interesting daily life =)


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    Just love to follow on Instagram!


  8. Anonymous2.10.12

    But i'm also super addicted!


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    Btw...you weren't updating these days......


  10. Anonymous2.10.12

    Why????? Miss you guys so much!


  11. You both look great in these pictures! Seem like life has been a busy but fulfilling schedule :) Keep up!