There's been a while since the last INSTAKATEFP...and for those who don't follow us yet on Instagram here you have some of the pictures/behind the scenes of the past couple of days, It's the quickest way to update live what we're doing and an amazing way to share with you our daily life. Follow us on @katefpofficial for all our daily updates. A million kisses beauties, see you tomorrow,

Catarina de Anciães


Já faz algum tempo desde o último INSTAKATEFP...e para quem ainda não nos segue no Instagram aqui ficam algumas imagens/behind the scenes dos últimos dias. É a forma mais rápida de actualizarmos em directo o que estamos a fazer e uma forma fantástica de partilharmos com vocês o nosso dia a dia. Sigam-nos em @katefpofficial para todas as nossas actualizações diárias. Muitos beijinhos queridos, até amanhã,

Catarina de Anciães

This glüen vest that you can find on WESTRAGS has to be one of my favorite pieces in my closet right now / Click here to see me wearing it

Have we already told you that we are some sugar addicts? We love strawberry cheesecake and this one of Delta Café is perfection / Oh, macarons & chocolate, another delight impossible to resist

Tiramisú with Venezian and Roma coffees for lunch, the Roma is particularly good / Two double silver finger ring from Aldo

New Münich personalized sneakers for My Love, he chose a very Gucci inspired color palette: dark green, silver with touches of gold / Baby's arm candy, aztec mood?

Our window view in the morning, a beautiful sunny fall day / A night treat: fresh bread with brie cheese and pumpkin homemade jam

Seeing Invicta city from the bar 17 of hotel Dom Henrique / Strong coffee on the bar rooftop

Us  / Matosinhos' beach

My Pimpão's new haircut, for me he looks gorgeous with every haircut / Porto traditional dish at lunch: Francesinha, you really have to taste it if you didn't tried yet, it's on the top 10 sandwiches in the world and it's so worth it 

Outfit details / Lady taking care of me, ok, sleeping next to me while i was sick in bed with a cold

Rouge lipstick to brighten up these gray days

Driving to our country home / And just arrived, can't get over how beautiful is our country home

It's so relaxing to look at this stunning sky and hydrangeas, our country home is full of lovely details...

...And has to be the favorite place in the world for Lady, she loves to be there and run in the big garden :) / Emperor's dream tea, it has definitely a peculiar name and you know what, it's delicious

Cute Arcádia event invitation / One of the best "lancheiras", a simple and perfect lunch

On the Arcádia event, we confess: we ate too much chocolates 

How adorable are these Arcádia chocolates? / Just tried each one of these macarons and every flavor is ultra-yummy

Shopping marathon thanks to PRIMARK goodies / Today i'm wearing...

Can't wait to wear these babies in my next looks

On SIC Mulher (portuguese TV channel) for Atelier Styling Project, it was so special to see us also on TV / Pearly puff that smells wonderful and lets our skin glowing 

Yummy little things / After a busy day nothing better than a bowl of sugary cereals #simplepleasures

Audrey wearing my statement necklace, but on a new other level ;) / My Love's new fluffy pajama "The Incredible Hulk"

Starting the Christmas mood all over our home / Lady always fall asleep on the sofa, our cutie