As you already have noticed we have a new page "under construction", the KATEFP SHOP, that will be available very soon...and as we are working so hardly in our accessories creations (just a glimpse of what is to come sweeties!) that we haven't brought many outfit posts lately, but we'll bring you several in the next weeks! :) So today we bring you Instagram goodies from these past couple of weeks that we hope you enjoy! We wish you a happy day everyone and see you tomorrow,

Catarina de Anciães


Como já devem ter reparado temos uma nova página "em construção", a KATEFP SHOP, que estará pronta muito em breve...e como estamos a trabalhar tão intensamente sobre as nossas criações de acessórios (só um glimpse do que está para vir queridos!) que não temos trazido muitos outfit posts, mas traremos vários nas próximas semanas! :) Então hoje trazemos miminhos em Instagram destas últimas semanas que esperamos que gostem! Um dia feliz para todos e até amanhã,

Catarina de Anciães

Some new sparkly bracelets and beanies to bright up these winter cold days / Too much yumminess in one dessert, it was simply divine

"This is a wishing jar..." one of the sweetest gifts that we received in the past week, definitely magic *.* / The Christmas shopping spree already started and we're just in the beggining

A lovely souvenir from Scalla : a shiny notebook to write all of our notes / Love to open our mailbox in the morning and receive such goodies like these ones from ASOS that you can see by clicking here

Smiiile, always keep a smile on your face sweeties! When you smile to life, life smiles back to you / Golden nails for this week : entering in the holiday mood season

My Love's new camera, ok, not really. But we just went to this cool vintage shop full of treasures / A photo from our backstage footage that you'll see on the blog later this week. Our room was the original set but then we changed the plans and we went filming for another spot that you'll soon find out

Portuguese sweet indulgences while filming : pastéis de nata and bolas de berlim, couldn't get any sweeter / Homemade carrot & chocolate cake for dessert, again : too much yumminess

Just bought one of the most special presents...can you guess for who is it? <3 My Pimpão

Love to waking up and have a rose that My Pimpão just put next to my cup of tea, so romantic  / A little temptation next to our desk : chocolate of manga and passion fruit from the caribbean, the work started much more productive ;)

Also on our desk : a sweet envelope waiting for us to open it up and discover what was inside... / Our kitty, Sissi (it was actually my mom who chose the name) taking a nap, ins't she a cutie?

Beautiful pink YSL lipstick / Lierac samples, like mascaras and serums, to try it on and to choose my favorite, well, i really don't have a favorite, all of their products are wonderful for our skin and they are part of my daily skincare routine

Lady with her new sweater that my mom made for her, very preppy :) / A morning snack : limon tea with a sugary mini-muffin. Oh guys these mini-muffins have to be one of the most delicious that we ever tried

Another picture from the backstage footage, a lot of winter outfits going on / The chain Fedora hat from Zara that i'm absolutely in love with

Adore to see my hair with big loose waves / Thanks so much to the lovely Manuela from origamig for these beautiful gifts : a handmade necklace and a pair of earrings that are inside the little box, all of her pieces are made in origami, so special. Can't wait to wear them on a next outfit post

A throwback thursday remembering our photoshoot for Atelier Styling Project / A lucky elephant that we brought from one of our trips

Detail from our Christmas tree decoration, still have to show you all beauties. This year's theme is red & silver / A new fragrance for our bedroom : lavender with rose, it smells amazing

"Come on, you can do it!", a phrase that we always should keep in mind. Remember, we always can do it! / Kinder before the gym, an extra hint of energy before training

Colored beanies addiction, and turbans too ;) / KATEFP for Atelier Styling Project on Sic Mulher, so proud to see us there again

Lady has a new bow, can't tell you how adorable she looks with it / A lovely gift from the portuguese brand Ach Brito

This is the weather scenario lately : rain, rain...and rain / Santa is also on our refrigerator next to the magnetics of our trips 

While preparing before the footage / Got you Sissi! She was hidden in the chestnuts' basket and fall asleep there, ooh 

We love italian food and have to tell you guys, these pasta dishes were amazing! 

Always dress up our manni for the other day, a much more easier way to know what to wear in the next day / We hope that this beautiful quote inspire you as much as it inspired us sweeties! 


  1. Anonymous6.12.12

    O meu making of está aliii :) adoro!

  2. Oh, lovely shots Kate :). I'm following you trough Instagram already and all of those are superb. It's nice to see you smile :)!


  3. Gorgeous darling! Love all of your photos :)

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  4. Tudo tao lindo e familiar.Tudo com gosto e requinte como so tu sabes fazer.
    Parabens e continua querida.

  5. Sofia Fonseca10.12.12

    Sempre linda.

  6. Sofia Fonseca10.12.12

    Sempre linda.

  7. Anonymous10.12.12

    Love you guys SOOOOO much!


  8. Anonymous10.12.12

    PS: those pasta dishes nham nhaaaaaam :D


  9. quel rafp10.12.12

    Adoro o teu sorriso <3333333

  10. Anonymous10.12.12

    So beautiful!