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Catarina de Anciães


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Catarina de Anciães

#aotd a.k.a. accessories of the day, yeah, this hashtag thing is kinda cool ;)
Always like to share the "today i'm wearing" typical feature
And also what My Love is wearing too <3 As you can see we share the same sunglasses' collection *.*
Giant Yogu on a sunny saturday, yum yum!
So obsessed with this mirrored sunnies and also this bag that you can see here.
Seafood feast: portuguese typical dishes are simple yet filled with flavor and totally delicious!
Feeling blessed for all the beauty that surround us, for the miracle of life
You already know that we're some hugeee sugar addicts and these portuguese sweets such as "Pastéis de Nata" are the best.
Guess which pair came with me for our closet?
When Vogue meets Café de Vienna
This morning arrived these cuties by Pretty Bunnies, we're super excited about our collaboration that next week will be up on the blog! Stay tuned babes for this and much more amazing upcoming collaborations!