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Catarina de Anciães


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Catarina de Anciães

With my boos @jnslra and Rita in #atelierstylingproject
After a morning full of work is time to relax with the bibles and with a strong coffee
Our dearest friend @jnslra has now a blog (anditsallabout.blogspot.com), you really have to check it out ! :)
Showing some Prada love
Flying balloons and a blue Alma at Louis Vuitton window store, they always have such stunning concepts
Arm party mess !
Happy place at our country house, the ivy grew up so much since the last time, it definitely gives a special allure
You already know about our scones addiction with jam and salty butter... :)
"No pain no gain" right? ;)
My Love at the tennis court <3
Going salmon for a busy day of work
Yummy homemade orange cake for breakfast, one of the top favorites in our home
Summer asks for fresh, light and super healthy (and delicious) food !
These are to take : Carrera 6002, g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s !