A huge thank you for all of your emails and such loving messages on the previous article and for all the strength, we can do it ♥ It was a very personal article of great sincerity and i simply had to share it here, this New Year's Resolution of mine, to find my dream job in my world, the Fashion's world. Because as many of you already might know i'm cooperating right now with my sister in her workplace where i not only take care of all the communication component but i also have the chance to do something of what i love there, but it's time to do what i love full-time and to fulfill my true dream. During this year you'll join me in this new journey and as soon i'll have news you'll be the first to know, you're such sweethearts, do you know? :))

It seems like i don't the sun for weeks, literally, during these couple of weeks the scenario is of a constant rain and today while we're photographing the look of the day we had the luck to have at least ten minutes maximum without getting wet, this it, we wouldn't get wet because i had next to me my umbrella with a gorgeous pied de poule print that would match just right with my tartan scarf borrowed from my Pimpão's wardrobe (ahh yes, we share some accessories, or at least My Love share it with me because it's me who go several times to his closet borrow or a watch, or a pair of sunglasses…) so this time the rain would be actually welcome ? *wink wink* According to the weather forecast tomorrow we'll have sun some sun rays, fingers crossed, the right time to show you my newest purchase.

Catarina de Anciães


COAT: Lookbook Store (similar here)
SCARF: Ralph Lauren
PANTS: Mango
WATCH: Sekonda
BRACELET: Westrags
GLOVES: Vintage