Sweethearts sorry for the lack of updates these last couple of days, but since the première of the new KATEFP that we had so much to do and to organize, because we want to give you the very best (focusing on quality instead of quantity). And you all know we're just a team of two (and sometimes  of three) so trying to balance everything demands really hard work. But now here we are, with our energy reloaded to start on the new KATEFP!

Today the 1/4 is different than usual, because it's about Beauty Looks. Fashion is my main passion and life, but i also adore beauty and i think it is an extension of my Style. After all, Fashion and Beauty are always holding hands and they complement each other in such a perfect way. I guess that an outfit is never fully complete without the special touch of makeup or hairstyle. The beauty world is so fascinating and i'm lovin' it to discover it by trying new makeup looks on myself.
As we're preparing a very special beauty article for another lovely blog where you'll be able to find out my recent beauty routine. Coming soon! ;)

Wish you the most happy International Women's Day! Embrace your beauty, inside and out! Lots of love!