This month we'd no choice than escape of one of our favorite and most inspirational months of the year, also known as "the Fashion Month" and you know what, it's in these kind of moments that we say "ooh no, we can't believe we miss Chanel again..." because you already know about my huge admiration of the Kaiser, Karl is a Genius. To transform the Grand Palais on a Chanel Shopping Center - un grand magazin - he offered us pure magic, through Chanel we're able to live Fashion dreams, a Fashion utopia. Karl always reminds me some of the reasons why Fashion is my world and why i can never give up of following my dreams.

Certainly that in this Chanel Shopping Center i would be very glad to go shopping everyday, even if for some "bâtonnets élégants" or cotton buds if you prefer, but honestly, the Chanelspeak is much more alluring. It's a celebration and a satire at the same time of the consumerism and you know what, let's shop watching to the phenomenal, as always, Chanel Fall Winter 14/15 show.
About the sneakers, well, i better no go that way, because i'm dreaming about these Chanel sneakers from the moment Cara stepped on the runway...