Yesterday we passed next to our secondary college and coincidences apart, my outfit was actually very college inspired. A black and white leather varsity bomber jacket and a cool pair of sneakers make such an easy combo for a relaxed sunday in town. We didn't even had our camera with us, we shot these couple of images with the iPhone while we're walking and we walked a lot, (re)discovering old and new places...enjoying perfect moments.

One trend that i'm definitely excited to wear all over again this season is crop tops, and so, as the weather is much better now i'm able to show a little bit of flesh, but just a little, not a crop - crop. We're so happy with the weather since last week, today was almost 25 degrees, feeling such a happy bird, aah, sun makes me wanna smile (and dance a lot too...weird no?) all day. Yup, after months of pouring rain we're so needing this. 

Great start of the week sweethearts and see you tomorrow! xx


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