Good morning, or evening or night sweethearts! Hope you're having an awesome sunday and having lots of fun! 
As you know, the only place where you can follow us on a daily basis is definitely on Instagram, is just the best way to share with you guys such great moments, from an outfit's selfie to that amazing foodie that we're enjoying at the moment. Luckily now we're lessier addicted than we're before, yes, you heard me, luckily, because Instagram can become truly an addiction and we have to live on the real world. So, we should separate both, real vs virtual, in order to value the moments instead of only share them. In our Instakatefp goodies we always try to show you the most beautiful and positive captions and above all, inspire you and make you smile! It's all about creating a magical journey! :)
Enjoy these Instakatefp that we have for you today and don't forget to follow us on @katefpofficial. Happy sunday ! xx

Really have to show you this look on the upcoming week, but first on a outfit's selfie that you always are able to find on @katefpofficial. And, where is Lady? Aww there she is, look at our puppy, the cutest *.* 
Keeping it classic with a twist on this look right here. /  Daniel Wellington's watches are simply stunning and a big favorite of ours, such a timeless piece. 
Sun, pool and some #ringswag going on. / Keeping it cozy with a delicious cappuccino.
Rockin' it with a double leather situation. Again. ;) / Sooo proud to finally have my certificate of Fashion Marketing on Central Saint Martins, completed with success, yay ! Cheers ! Now the next step is my PhD, let's go ! Also on the mail: some Nutella luv for #katefp ;D
Chanel red lips for the win / Vintage family portrait with my most loved ones in the all world, my grandparents and parents holding my older sister.
Our kind of pills / New kicks for My Love, aren't these amazing ?
Oh boy, the best "Francesinha" ever at Café Santiago in Porto. So, so yummy ! / What to do after a "Francesinha"? Practice sports, of course, haha, just kidding ! My Pimpão is obsessed with cycling, for me now is all about Pilates ! 
Let me tell you guys, the best pizzas in town are at our home by My Love a.k.a. Chef Pimpão, sooo good. We're thinking about create a new feature - Katefp's recipes - let us hear your thoughts on contact@katefp.com ! :)
Petit gâteau and apple pie (uber) sweet moments. All about sharing desserts, #omnom !
YSL lipsticks are absolutely wonderful, from the packaging, the delicate fragrance, the texture to the gorgeous lip color. More right here.
Tea time with mum and her flowery Miss Sicily, really need to borrow it one of these days ! ;) / PORTER exceed my expectations, it's absolutely phenomenal, it's the must-have Fashion magazine. The digital version is also unbelievable good ! Can't wait for the number 2 !
Roses for you beauties ! / See the "Bola de Berlim" missing...right to me belly ;D 
Enjoy our Instakatefp goodies with a cup of tea or your favorite chocolate croissant lovelies, enjoy life ! Bisous bisous xx