I'm so getting used to this lovely sunny spring weather, just wanna wear lighter colors, such as sky blue or pastel pink. If you read Katefp for a while now, you already know that i'm all about lots of black and well, today i've also my black leather on, but in a totally different mood. The thing is, this look could be very classic actually, but the touch of leather, the shirt's knot and the rolled sleeves, these kind of details make it classic with a twist. Or modern classic with a twist if you shall prefer (you really have to read this sentence with a british accent).

This Daniel Wellington watch is always a favorite, it's simply gorgeooous. Definitely a timeless piece, i can see myself wearing it now and in the upcoming years. As also this stunning pair of vintage Gucci loafers that i found on a treasure spot a couple of months ago, when i saw them i's praying to be my size, and yes, they're (in that moment there it was my inner goddess twirling around  like cra-zay ! oh yeah, we all have our inner goddess and mine is kinda obsessed with Fashion, not kinda, really super duper obsessed with Fashion :) ). You know what they say, when something have to be ours, it happens to be. 

Today is really being a wonderful day, good things coming and all i can tell you is that we'll give our very best for you lovelies ! You are the reason why Katefp is growing day by day and why this online destination is becoming a reference of Style. When we fight for our dreams, nothing can stop us, so never give up of your dreams because we are made of stardust and we can reach the starts, we can do everything, the world is your oyster ! Remember that we are not only bodies, we are souls. Looove you guys so much and see you tomorrow ! xx