There's a place where you can follow us everyday and see the Fashion and Lifestyle part of our lives instantaneously: on @katefpofficial. It's such a great way to share more with beauties and to give you daily updates. These Instakatefp selection is definitely more about #foodie, which well, is a big part of our lives. As you know My Love a.k.a Chef Pimpão had such a big passion about food and makes wonderful dishes, so we're actually thinking about creating a new feature on Katefp with some of our favorite recipes. What do you think about the idea, would you like it?

Truly adoring our new Classic Sheffield that you can find at www.danielwellington.com, remember sweet pies that you can enjoy a special 15% discount at their webshop by using the code "DW-katefp" / My Love rocking some sporty camo with a twist.
Buttery scones, jam, toasts, cappuccino with our friends / Planning a dream trip in the upcoming months to the city of angels: L.A.
Spriiing has finally sprung / Can't get over how lovely is our country home. This Easter we had plans to go there but as my Mom got sick we delayed our trip. Now thankfully my Mom is almost recovered! *.*
Too much cuteness going on with these two! ;D
Adorable sunny mornings and places at our town / Give me a bowl filled of natural yoghurt with honey, flax, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, almonds, nuts, goji berries, raisins...and i'm a happy gal. Healthy and delicious!
One of My Pimpão's looks that you're able to find out by clicking here / We're thinking about a new feature on Katefp with some of our recipes, this one is by My Pimpão a.k.a. Chef Pimpão, talking about the perfect poached egg, yum!
Blue denim all over a couple of days ago.
Pulcinella has to be our favorite spot in Matosinhos (Porto) to taste the most divine pizzas. Find more searching for the tag #katefpplaces
Mixing and matching: how cute is this crown ring? / Wish to have a wisteria like this one in our garden. We already have one and i can't wait to blossom, it's so gorgeous. Btw, happy Earth Day! Take care of our Mother Earth, because we can breath and live this miracle called life thanks to Her.
Brunchin' at Rosa Et Al: these scones are the best. Seriously, you should really visit or stay at Rosa Et Al Townhouse and try the scones and the Benedict Eggs. 
And Lady strikes again in today's Instakatefp! :) / Our Easter was spent with some Switzerland chocolate luv, the Lindt gold bunnies are way too yummy.