Happy Easter to all of you our lovelies! We wish you a blessed Easter sunday next to the people you love the most. And so sorry again about the delay of the article but it happen that this week was my Mom who was sick in the hospital, thankfully now she's well and already recovering in home but that's why the articles weren't daily. We're praying that now everything will be ok and we'll be able to publish everyday as usual. What really matters is that my beloved Mom is getting so much better, that was truly the best news that we had this Easter. 

About today's title...Time. Time is so precious, we should really make the best of our time. Sometimes i wish that we had forty eight hours instead of twenty four hours a day in order to be able to do even more and more but you know what, probably we would end doing exactly the same in forty eight hours. Punctuality is one of my rules, i consider it a way of being respectful not only to others but also to ourselves and so i always try to keep on time. And i special love to keep on time with the elegance of the timeless  Daniel Wellington watches. Here i'm wearing the Classic Sheffield (from the Men section, you can also expect a His look featuring My Love who photographed these images), isn't it absolutely divine? Daniel Wellington watches are so polished and refined, definitely a must-have. Right now i'm coveting The Grace Collection that will be available on May, stunning.

As we have the most wonderful readers in the all world we have a special surprise for you, enjoy a 15% discount in every purchase at Daniel Wellington webshop by using the code "DW-katefp" till April 30. Sending you lots of love! xx

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