Just looking at the first image you eventually would ask, but why is Kate even talking about yellow...? By clicking to see more you'll definitely find out :) Seriously, how cool is this yellow satchel? It was offered me by our sweet friend Ana S. who flew to London in her birthday and brought me this cool lemon yellow bag. I usually don't wear yellow...what made me figured out that i really rea-lly have to wear vibrant colors more often. I'm so needing a change in climate (sun, where are you?!) for a bold shift in wardrobe.

In this particular outfit i took a minimalistic approach, and kept things quite simple matching my yellow satchel to a pair of crisp white jeans and a semi-sheer, super fluid black shirt that with the wind would make some really awesome photos (wasn't the rain five minutes right after we started shooting...), anyway, i tried to channel the spring mood with this casual mellow yellow satchel.

This fresh, citrusy color will certainly brighten up any look. So, embrace the sunny side of this season and have fun lovelies! 


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Today we're trying to shoot a new look with this yellow satchel but the rain didn't stop for a second. Seriously, i'm so, so tired of this pouring rain and strange weather. Thinking about moving to a warmer city...really. I thought that our country, Portugal, was all about the sun but currently it's all about the rain  (except Algarve which has almost three hundred days of sun). Can we move to LA please? This explains my current mood. I like the rain, yes, but in the winter, while i'm watching movies and eating popcorns, not in the spring. This year is being too much. Well, after tomorrow we promise you a new outfit article sweethearts!

Meanwhile, you already know about my obsession with accessories, accessories are the key to put a look together, starting from the bag, the jewelry...to the shoes. Here are some of our favorite details shots, with a special link between the most part of these photos: the perfect Daniel Wellington watch. Don't forget beauties, you can enjoy a 15% discount at www.danielwellington.com by using the code "katefp", till May 31, so hurry up! Sending you looots of love! xx

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The incredible reasons behind Coco Chanel's favorite colors. Coincidences apart, the black, the white and the gold are also some of my favorite colors...just another reason to adore Mademoiselle Chanel even more. "Five emblematic colors, five inspirations, five CHANEL codes. One signature" #sundayobsession
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From the moment i tried Estée Lauder beauty products i started wearing them everyday. Estée Lauder is such a reference in the beauty and makeup world. You already know about my routine filled of Estée Lauder but now i also have to add the Advanced Night Repair, do you know that its formula is unique? No other brand has such a powerful formula like Advanced Night Repair, is like to be in our "own bubble", completely protected of the daily aggressions that we're up to, such as environmental to stress.

Today was all about pampering by the super talented and lovely makeup artist that we had the pleasure to meet, Fernando Vieira, who beautified my mornin' black canvas face. I absolutely adored to discover Estée Lauder makeup products (that you can find at the end of the article) and the result of my makeup. Fernando V. specially chose a bright pink to red lipstick that he thought it perfectly match my personality: the Dominant, from the 'Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick' collection. I just saw the result at the very end and he explained me why he chose the Dominant, it was due to my inner strength, confidence and pure at heart which i thought it was so sweet and true. Thank you Fernando!

I can tell you that these 'Pure Color Envy' lipstick shades transform not only your lips (the multifaceted pigments create definition, so your lips will look stunningly shaped and utterly curvaceous) but also your attitude throughout the day. You really have to try it and above all, discover your own #LipstickEnvy shade! Are you Irresistible, Powerful...or a Rebellious Rose?


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A microtrend that is appearing season after season is the mirrored sunglasses, so, why not a special 1/4? 
The ones that i'm wearing in this 1 Style / 4 Looks are the Carrera 6002 that you can get here, which are such a favorite of ours because it can match any look, from casual, sporty to chic. 
Now, i'm really thinking about getting the mirrored black and silver shades from the collection 'Dior So Real' (Oh my Dior, gorgeous!). Mirror, mirror on the wall...yes or no? 

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Insanely beautiful. Really. I'm mesmerized by the CHANEL Cruise 2014/15 collection that is d-i-v-i-n-e. Look at the jackets, the dresses, the jewelry, the shoes...too much perfection. Can someone please take to me to Côte D' Azur with my luggage filled of Chanel? "If i dream i can', they say, i believe it also, so who knows, maybe one day. :)

When i seek for inspiration and specially motivation i usually read or watch Karl's interviews and today is one of these days, what i can tell you is if i will get to know Karl in a near future it would be more than a dream come true. The genius is one of my role models that give me the faith of never stop following my wishes and to work hard everyday in order to achieve the work that i want on the only industry that i love and can call my own, Fashion.

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You know when you fell in love with a brand because it's absolutely your style, that's what happened with us and Daniel Wellington. The swedish watch brand is so elegant and chic, perfectly matching our taste towards watches. 

This time was the Classy St Andrews, a precious little gem that won over my heart, it's classy(ic) but with a twist due to sparkly touch of the Swarovski crystals. Almost every woman has a special relation with sparkly little things...after all "diamonds are a girl's best friend", Marilyn once sang and sang it well. 

Don't forget that till May 31 you can enjoy a special 15% discount in every purchase at www.danielwellington.com by using the code "katefp". Lots of love sweethearts and see you tomorrow! xx


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If you read the Katefp for a while now you already know about my role as a Contributing Editor for Styling Project Magazine, magazine of our dearest friend Pedro Crispim, who is doing such a phenomenal job on his newest project. We're so proud of him!

One of the features that i create for SP Mag is High vs Low in which i offer our readers the two versions, most expensive or on budget, of the same themed look. So, you really have to check my newest article - HIGH VS LOW: Music Festival Season - on www.stylingprojectmag.com and hope you enjoy it! 

Wish you all a happy weekend sweethearts, we're going to our country home! Meanwhile follow us on @katefpofficial, lots of love! xx



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Even before when the "over the shoulders" kinda trend become a "trend" i always loved to wear my coats this way because strangely as it's seems it's much more cozy than wear the jacket like we used to. Besides being so chic, you know, nothing more elegant than wear a tailored blazer over the shoulders to elevate a basic look. It creates that question "Is it hers, the jacket? Or is it from the man she loves?" hmm, perhaps people don't question this but let's think they do :) well, My Love is a gentleman so for several times he actually lends me he's jackets, for example when we go out on a late night and i don't take a coat with me. Isn't it romantic? I think it is adorable, really! 

If there is piece i absolutely adore has to be a great blazer, it's an item with which i completely identify, when they fit perfectly thanks to their cut it's a winner in my wardrobe, besides the gorgeous factor of course, like this black blazer. Totally a must-have on every wardrobe. I have so many blazers, from black, whites, with stripes, to the most sweet tones as mint. It's definitely my go-to jacket.

As you can see i'm wearing a very casual look, a basic tee, denim ripped jeans but with a couple of touches it become polished, such as the sleek ponytail, the brooch, the gold-strap sandals...and the oversized black blazer. This morning i was making some online shopping and i can tell you that another blazer is on it's way, oh Kate, you did it again! Hope you enjoy this look sweethearts and see you tomorrow! xx


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