From the moment i tried Estée Lauder beauty products i started wearing them everyday. Estée Lauder is such a reference in the beauty and makeup world. You already know about my routine filled of Estée Lauder but now i also have to add the Advanced Night Repair, do you know that its formula is unique? No other brand has such a powerful formula like Advanced Night Repair, is like to be in our "own bubble", completely protected of the daily aggressions that we're up to, such as environmental to stress.

Today was all about pampering by the super talented and lovely makeup artist that we had the pleasure to meet, Fernando Vieira, who beautified my mornin' black canvas face. I absolutely adored to discover Estée Lauder makeup products (that you can find at the end of the article) and the result of my makeup. Fernando V. specially chose a bright pink to red lipstick that he thought it perfectly match my personality: the Dominant, from the 'Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick' collection. I just saw the result at the very end and he explained me why he chose the Dominant, it was due to my inner strength, confidence and pure at heart which i thought it was so sweet and true. Thank you Fernando!

I can tell you that these 'Pure Color Envy' lipstick shades transform not only your lips (the multifaceted pigments create definition, so your lips will look stunningly shaped and utterly curvaceous) but also your attitude throughout the day. You really have to try it and above all, discover your own #LipstickEnvy shade! Are you Irresistible, Powerful...or a Rebellious Rose?