Just looking at the first image you eventually would ask, but why is Kate even talking about yellow...? By clicking to see more you'll definitely find out :) Seriously, how cool is this yellow satchel? It was offered me by our sweet friend Ana S. who flew to London in her birthday and brought me this cool lemon yellow bag. I usually don't wear yellow...what made me figured out that i really rea-lly have to wear vibrant colors more often. I'm so needing a change in climate (sun, where are you?!) for a bold shift in wardrobe.

In this particular outfit i took a minimalistic approach, and kept things quite simple matching my yellow satchel to a pair of crisp white jeans and a semi-sheer, super fluid black shirt that with the wind would make some really awesome photos (wasn't the rain five minutes right after we started shooting...), anyway, i tried to channel the spring mood with this casual mellow yellow satchel.

This fresh, citrusy color will certainly brighten up any look. So, embrace the sunny side of this season and have fun lovelies!