Even before when the "over the shoulders" kinda trend become a "trend" i always loved to wear my coats this way because strangely as it's seems it's much more cozy than wear the jacket like we used to. Besides being so chic, you know, nothing more elegant than wear a tailored blazer over the shoulders to elevate a basic look. It creates that question "Is it hers, the jacket? Or is it from the man she loves?" hmm, perhaps people don't question this but let's think they do :) well, My Love is a gentleman so for several times he actually lends me he's jackets, for example when we go out on a late night and i don't take a coat with me. Isn't it romantic? I think it is adorable, really! 

If there is piece i absolutely adore has to be a great blazer, it's an item with which i completely identify, when they fit perfectly thanks to their cut it's a winner in my wardrobe, besides the gorgeous factor of course, like this black blazer. Totally a must-have on every wardrobe. I have so many blazers, from black, whites, with stripes, to the most sweet tones as mint. It's definitely my go-to jacket.

As you can see i'm wearing a very casual look, a basic tee, denim ripped jeans but with a couple of touches it become polished, such as the sleek ponytail, the brooch, the gold-strap sandals...and the oversized black blazer. This morning i was making some online shopping and i can tell you that another blazer is on it's way, oh Kate, you did it again! Hope you enjoy this look sweethearts and see you tomorrow! xx


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