Black, grey, white...what else? Mango presented the Fall Winter 2014 collection on the Barcelona 080 Fashion Week and now you can watch it on Katefp.

The high street Fashion store nailed with this collection (personal taste talking louder), I specially enjoyed the jumpsuits, the black pantsuit, the black vest with the pleated skirt and the satin-like plimsolls.  Some of the looks as the last one didn't impressed me at all, I was expecting a little extra something...but well, we're talking about high street Fashion, so, not bad at all. Defining casual chic, with very affordable prices. What's your favorite look? Get them here.
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An all black look matched with a Burberry jacket, a rainy saturday...and I feel like a londoner. Especially today I missed traveling more frequently as I used to, if I had the chance I would travel like crazy, travel makes me feel alive, it's one of those things that make us so much richer. To get to know other countries, other cultures is an unbelievable experience, it inspires me and my Style in a way I can't even explain. Due to some late life events I'm not able to travel as I wish to, but I believe that on a near future I'll get to know the world, more and more. Remember, the world is your oyster.

I'm such a family person, and I adore having my family close to me, to be in our own home, to sleep in my own bed...but I guess that now is the time to fly, home is where the heart is, wherever I go with My Pimpão I'm feel that, again, home is where the heart is. And our family also wish that we have to pursue our dreams, so, we can't wait anymore to make them true. Fashion is my life, my one and only passion, you know that more than anyone.

The Katefp is also our home, is where we share with you part of our lives and you can't imagine how Katefp means to us, it's our baby and what we wish for our baby is to see it grow, next to you. Thank you for being here today, tomorrow...and everyday. You mean the world to us, sending you looots of love, wish you a lovely weekend and dare to dream 

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Sale season is upon us, and one of ultimate favorite luxury online stores - mytheresa.com - are marking down our favorite items up to 60% off. We mean it by saying our favorites, this gorgeooous kaleidoscope was exclusively created by mytheresa.com for yours truly, Katefp, with some of my choices that you can find available (with some amazing discounts) at mytheresa.com. From a timeless Chloé tote bag to a pair of bold yellow Aquazurra sandals which are perfect for summer! Scroll with your mouse/finger over the kaleidoscope to see these beauties.

So, jump over mytheresa.com and add everything you're been wishing for so long to your cart. Hurry  up before it sells out and great shopping sweethearts!


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As time goes by I realize that my beauty routine is constantly changing, but there are some of my current beauty must-haves that I suppose that will always make part of beauty routine. The Advanced Night Repair by Estée Lauder (which I already talked to you about it in this article) is definitely one of those gems that will join me through my everyday life. This serum is such a treasure, my skin is  feeling softer, richer and brighter than ever. THE must-have.
Do you remember that I used to wear the Perfectly Clean, also from Estée Lauder, to clean and tone the face, but now that changed. Firstly, because I absolutely adore to try new beauty products from time to time and also because that product didn't truly supplied my needs. When a product comes in the form of foam doesn't feel natural, and in the beginning I thought how quick was to clean/tone the face at the same time...but let me be sincere with you guys, foam no more. It's really unnatural and I rather prefer to spend more time deeply cleaning the face with a proper cleaning milk and toner. That's when I discovered this line by (my heart) CHANEL, which are perfect for my dry skin. The feeling is utterly confortable (no wonder why this line it's called confort), it's superb. And the fragrance...delicious. My new beauty addiction, well, but CHANEL is always my addiction... :) this type of addiction is a very good one, don't you think? ;)

Estée Lauder 'Sumptuous Lashes' are also one of current beauty/makeup must-haves, the result that this mascara creates is incredible, all about long, voluminous lashes. But I think that the way how we put the mascara is determinant to have a great result, this I learned from Estée Lauder makeup artist, Fernando Vieira, who taught me such an amazing beauty trick.

Hope you sweethearts enjoy my current beauty must-haves and don't forget to let me know about yours!

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This won't be the first kaleidoscope of the week...but you'll find out more about it this wednesday with a very special kaleidoscope exclusively for you. 

Valentino mesmerizes us with a new and unique type of camo, the Camubutterfly: a colorful print of butterflies elevated to an all another level thanks to the genial Maison. Lose yourself in this sea of butterflies made of feathers, macramè, brocade, organza, neoprene and chiffon. Simply stunning. 
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Round sunglasses are the go-to shades of the season. There is a flair about these round-framed sunglasses that we cannot miss. Small or big, edgy or sleek, the round lens are such a versatile piece, besides adding that special final touch to any outfit. 
Picture yourself in the beach watching the sunset with an elegant one piece, a Maison Michel Hat and a pair of these round beauties...isn't it the chic escape?

At the end of this article you'll be able to find our selection for today's Most Wanted, Illesteva for the win, one of our favorites when it comes to round frames (don't forget to turn off your ad blocker to view content). Round & Round we go.


MOST WANTED: Round Sunglasses

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Summer is just around the corner and i can finally say that now i'm really feeling the summer breeze in my skin. How i missed these long sunny days...and how i missed our baby Katefp too, a day without posting seems like a week, i need to feed our baby with content. But let me explain you first what's happening right now: i've been studying like crazy for the last exam and after this stage i really have to enroll on a new challenge, a PhD in Fashion. But first i really wish to achieve my biggest 2014 resolution...i'll keep updated as soon i'll have news! Fashion is my life, it isn't just one of my biggest passions, it really is my biggest passion so i truly believe of fulfilling my dreams. 

After a very relaxing weekend with My Love that you'll be able to check on @katefpofficial, today was time for some family time with my mom, niece (how pretty is our sweetheart?) and Ladyyy. So we, auntie + niece + Lady, just made a photoshoot together, Raquel seems a mini-me with the Panama Hat, don't you think? Cuteness overload! :)

The final touch of my casual look was the Classic Exeter by DWDaniel Wellington watches are truly timeless items that fit every occasion. Remember lovelies, that you can enjoy a 15% discount by  using the code "katefp" while purchasing at www.danielwellington.com


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From the moment our favorite online luxury retailer, Net-A-Porter, launched the PORTER Magazine that is one of my ultimate Fashion readings. It's definitely "More than a magazine - the ultimate Fashion experience" and right now it's all about the perfect Summer Escape on Issue 3.

The ASOS Panama Hat and the H&M chain necklace are kind of my accessories guide this weekend, that you'll be able to see on an upcoming look. 

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair is now part of my latest beauty routine since a couple of days ago and yes, i'm absolutely adoring this incredible (and quite magic) product. No wonder why ANR is in the market for so many years, it is a treasure. Talking about treasures...soon you'll see what a precious treasure little gem from my grandparents is now on my own beauty shelf. But that is for a next Editor's Picks.

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You already have seen these photos on this article, and this watch. How seriously gorgeous is the Classic Exeter by Daniel Wellington? Perfect for him and for her (soon you'll also have my styling featuring the Classic Exeter).

Because we have the best readers in the all world we have some great news for you: till June 30 you can enjoy a special 15% discount in every purchase at www.danielwellington.com by using the code "katefp". Happy shopping sweethearts!

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This month started with the Rock In Rio Festival, and on June 1 we're there too! My Love surprised me on Christmas with two tickets to see Justin Timberlake, who i'm such a big fan since i was a teenager (my first CD, wow, this sounded very old school "CD"...was actually from Justin, so yup, i was super excited to see him live). What a fabulous show he gave us, that boy can sing (and dance too), we had so much fun. Even My Pimpão enjoyed to see him live, i mean, who didn't? It was truly, truly amazing.

Despite the cold (don't get fooled by these sun rays on the pictures) the wind was terrible and managing to keep warm was a challenge, but when we're this happy, the bad weather is just a detail, right? The crowd was massive on Rock In Rio as well, but that's the way it is. Next year hopefully we'll go to Coachella a.k.a The Festival we're dying to go! Sending you lots of love! xx


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After the divine dinner that you're able to discover on the previous article, we went unveil the Bar Lounge of Montebelo Viseu Hotel & Spa.

With an immense terrace of phenomenal view over the city of Viseu, a piano...the Bar Lounge of Montebelo is filled of elegance by its corners. When the sun goes down and the night comes, the stars shine with intensity and the Bar Lounge of Montebelo Viseu is the right place to enjoy a cocktail in (excellent) company. 

The Montebelo Viseu Hotel & Spa is (Monte)belo/beautiful, to visit in every season of the year.


Depois do jantar divinal que descobriram no artigo anterior, fomos desvendar o Bar Lounge do Montebelo Viseu Hotel & Spa.

Com direito a um terraço imenso de vista fenomenal sobre a cidade de Viseu, um piano...o Bar Lounge do Montebelo enche-se de elegância pelos seus recantos. Quando o sol se põe e a noite vem, as estrelas brilham com intensidade e o Bar Lounge do Montebelo Viseu é o sítio certo para desfrutar de um cocktail em (excelente) companhia. 

O Montebelo Viseu Hotel & Spa é (Monte)belo, para visitar em todas as estações do ano.

Montebelo Viseu Hotel & Spa
Urbanização Quinta do Olival, Viseu
+351 232 420 000

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