As time goes by I realize that my beauty routine is constantly changing, but there are some of my current beauty must-haves that I suppose that will always make part of beauty routine. The Advanced Night Repair by Estée Lauder (which I already talked to you about it in this article) is definitely one of those gems that will join me through my everyday life. This serum is such a treasure, my skin is  feeling softer, richer and brighter than ever. THE must-have.
Do you remember that I used to wear the Perfectly Clean, also from Estée Lauder, to clean and tone the face, but now that changed. Firstly, because I absolutely adore to try new beauty products from time to time and also because that product didn't truly supplied my needs. When a product comes in the form of foam doesn't feel natural, and in the beginning I thought how quick was to clean/tone the face at the same time...but let me be sincere with you guys, foam no more. It's really unnatural and I rather prefer to spend more time deeply cleaning the face with a proper cleaning milk and toner. That's when I discovered this line by (my heart) CHANEL, which are perfect for my dry skin. The feeling is utterly confortable (no wonder why this line it's called confort), it's superb. And the fragrance...delicious. My new beauty addiction, well, but CHANEL is always my addiction... :) this type of addiction is a very good one, don't you think? ;)

Estée Lauder 'Sumptuous Lashes' are also one of current beauty/makeup must-haves, the result that this mascara creates is incredible, all about long, voluminous lashes. But I think that the way how we put the mascara is determinant to have a great result, this I learned from Estée Lauder makeup artist, Fernando Vieira, who taught me such an amazing beauty trick.

Hope you sweethearts enjoy my current beauty must-haves and don't forget to let me know about yours!