An all black look matched with a Burberry jacket, a rainy saturday...and I feel like a londoner. Especially today I missed traveling more frequently as I used to, if I had the chance I would travel like crazy, travel makes me feel alive, it's one of those things that make us so much richer. To get to know other countries, other cultures is an unbelievable experience, it inspires me and my Style in a way I can't even explain. Due to some late life events I'm not able to travel as I wish to, but I believe that on a near future I'll get to know the world, more and more. Remember, the world is your oyster.

I'm such a family person, and I adore having my family close to me, to be in our own home, to sleep in my own bed...but I guess that now is the time to fly, home is where the heart is, wherever I go with My Pimpão I'm feel that, again, home is where the heart is. And our family also wish that we have to pursue our dreams, so, we can't wait anymore to make them true. Fashion is my life, my one and only passion, you know that more than anyone.

The Katefp is also our home, is where we share with you part of our lives and you can't imagine how Katefp means to us, it's our baby and what we wish for our baby is to see it grow, next to you. Thank you for being here today, tomorrow...and everyday. You mean the world to us, sending you looots of love, wish you a lovely weekend and dare to dream