Summer is just around the corner and i can finally say that now i'm really feeling the summer breeze in my skin. How i missed these long sunny days...and how i missed our baby Katefp too, a day without posting seems like a week, i need to feed our baby with content. But let me explain you first what's happening right now: i've been studying like crazy for the last exam and after this stage i really have to enroll on a new challenge, a PhD in Fashion. But first i really wish to achieve my biggest 2014 resolution...i'll keep updated as soon i'll have news! Fashion is my life, it isn't just one of my biggest passions, it really is my biggest passion so i truly believe of fulfilling my dreams. 

After a very relaxing weekend with My Love that you'll be able to check on @katefpofficial, today was time for some family time with my mom, niece (how pretty is our sweetheart?) and Ladyyy. So we, auntie + niece + Lady, just made a photoshoot together, Raquel seems a mini-me with the Panama Hat, don't you think? Cuteness overload! :)

The final touch of my casual look was the Classic Exeter by DWDaniel Wellington watches are truly timeless items that fit every occasion. Remember lovelies, that you can enjoy a 15% discount by  using the code "katefp" while purchasing at www.danielwellington.com