If Karl Lagerfeld knew how much I admire him, it is on a proportion that I can even explain. The Kaiser is a genius...a genius mind out of this world, a complete magician. Haute Couture makes me dream, it is a truly Fashion dream coming alive. These dresses, jackets, skirts over shorts...are the most incredible works of Art. It is Chanel.

Chanel Haute Couture FW14/15 is the ultimate modern baroque paradise, where we can see Coco Chanel inspiration (and also the duality of her own life) behind Karl Lagerfeld vision. A mix between the past and the future, offering us the present, the now, as Karl says "It's Haute Couture without the Couture". 

Gabrielle, who wherever she is, hopefully dressing the angels as she wished, would be so proud of Lagerfeld. For always offering us the Chanel Magic in our lives. And for dressing the human beings - who can be or angels or devils - on earth.