This black jumpsuit has to be one of the best purchases I made this season, it's so me: elegant, sleek and sophisticated. Some of the greatest qualities that an item of cloth has to have is definitely a perfect fit, a nobel material and of course an aura that lead it towards its future owner. That's what happened between this jumpsuit and me, it was a kind of a Fashion energy going on. Oh yes, I have to feel the energy of that skirt, of those shoes...before I purchased them, it's called instinct. When it's your heart who is speaking to you, not your mind, because your mind can lie to you, your heart is most of the times the honesty that you need, so, I never buy an item before I truly, deeply adore it and of course, it has to be the exact reflexion of me and my Style. Aww, you know that Fashion is my life and I can talk hours just about this :)

When I was a teenager sometimes my instinct was very impulsive, now, luckily, it isn't that impulsive anymore, because in that time I was capable of buying that dress that I wouldn't wear more than once, of course that growing up I become a responsible shopper, which I think is the key to create your dream wardrobe, and extremely important in the current sales season. Just because those super gorgeous heels are more than half of the price but you realize you don't love them with all your heart don't buy it, you don't have to just "like it" you have to "love it". And have several other considerations in the list while you're shopping ;)

On another note, probably you noticed our lack of updates on @katefpofficial the week before and on Katefp as well, it was due to some technical/wifi issues but now everything is working properly and back on track. I can't be away of our baby that long, even if in the upcoming holidays we'll took for the first time a couple of days far away from our baby, but before that happens I'll keep you updated about the date. Wish you a wonderful start of the week and hope you enjoy the pictures!