It's been a while since our last Instakatefp, @katefpofficial is probably the best place where you can follow our updates instantaneously, literally. :)

From our getaways to Matosinhos for example, where we can't miss the beach and of course the greatest pizza in town at Pulcinella, 5 stars! Talking about five stars, we discovered this luxury five star Hotel - Villa Sandini - that was a such a pleasant surprise, incredible peaceful being the right spot to relax. The view from our Suite was stun-ning. We can't also forget the breathless view from our Suite at Montebelo Viseu Hotel & Spa, and their utterly delicious desserts.

On @katefpofficial you're able to join us everyday, so, what are you waiting for sweethearts? Hope you'll enjoy these couple #instakatefp, sending you lots of love! xx

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