September 21, 2014


Black & White with touches of gold, my definition of minimal. Three of my favorites colors paired together on a head-to-toe monochromatic look

Right now I'm loving an all white, all black, or a B&W ensemble...sometimes I simply adore to incorporate color in my daily outfits but there are times where a simply B&W look feels so right to me. This discreet sense of chic extends to my jewelry as well, give me a gold bracelet, a delicate necklace filled of charms and some tiny rings. It'll be just one statement bracelet or necklace at a time. Talking about jewelry, on my birthday (September 18, which so many of you remembered the date, Thank You so much for all the sweet emails) was more than special. My Love gave me the most perfect piece of jewelry, a pair of Chanel earrings that I'll be wearing forever, really have to show you soon. What do you think on a next oufit article?

The new minimal also brings a new risk, the risk of seeing you instead of what you're wearing.  And that's a risk that pay off. However sometimes I wouldn't resist to a maximal look...give me a pink look Barbie inspired from Moschino SS15 and I'll be a happy girl. Fashion is all about having fun, one day we're monochrome, on the another day we'll be wearing pink, but always true to one thing: our own Style


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September 13, 2014


This Saturday was all about casual-ness, from head to toe, which makes me want to say that yes, #IWokeUpLikeThis. Each morning the act of getting ready for the world is such an absolutely wonderful thing, don't you think? Dressing up for the world, for our own runway, for ourselves...is one of my favorites moments of the day, even if I'm casual-ing like today with a ziguezague sweater and a pair of black skinny jeans or if I'm wearing the most stunning of dresses. 

It's been almost a month without updating our Katefp because in the new city I don't have our iMac and I don't take our camera with me because we need to find a temporary photographer there, but we promise you that as soon we'll move in the new city that we're going to be back on track with the daily articles as usual. 
Just to let you know our sweethearts, I'm happier than ever doing what I love everyday, I feel so grateful and blessed for being able to work with such an amazing team and in the workplace of my dreams: Farfetch. Dreams do come true  

Sending you lots, lots of love, how we missed you but don't forget, you can always follow us on @katefpofficial! xx


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