A year ago while I's studying at Central Saint Martins I had the pleasure to meet incredible talented young students. The course had the goal to think about a Fashion project that we'd like to develop and you can imagine my reaction when my colleague Nirali from CSM contacted me telling me that she made her project real by creating the Pursenalist

Pursenalist has to be one of the most creative bag concepts that I discovered in a while, let me add that it's actually genius. Nirali designed three bags - Borsa, Cila, Portofolio - with a very special twist that you're about to find out. When 'Cila' arrived in our home I was super excited to try all the different styles in the same bag, by choosing an all black look adding both black straps or a black & red combo. This switch is made in a couple of seconds, how easy it is to change the straps (or if you want it you could go for no straps at all) and to have not just one more bag in our closet but so much more than it. It is super versatile, and I bet every woman would like to have a bag like this, that can be easily transformed in a blink of an eye. Besides being made of the finest Italian leather and gold hardware. I must confess that 'Cila' is now my bag on the go, this week I already went for the all black look, for the black and red..having the exact same reaction of my friends who asked "Where can I buy it? This is ama-zing', put amazing on it, you can find 'Cila' available here. My mom also adored it, I'm thinking about offering her the 'Cila' bag for Christmas, ssshhh, hopefully she's not going to read this part :)

In these pictures I styled 'Cila' d'accord with the way I want to wear it all the time, with both straps, hanging on my shoulder or on my hand, having a no particular look as my favorite because that's the amazing thing about the 'Cila' bag, every look is meant to be special

On another note, here I am wearing my Chanel earrings that My Love offered me for my 24 years, from that day that I am always wearing them, it's me on a pair of earrings, so much 

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Yesterday I had of the most wonderful surprises in our mailbox, the sweetest of gifts from Print My World. One of those gifts that put me a smile from ear to ear: a personalized selection of photos from our Instagram into paper, that remind me that nothing else is so special as the eternal paper.

After receiving this gift I could only take a picture of it and publish it on Instagram or Facebook, but Print My World deserves so much more, all I want now is to share the love for this portuguese brand that just launch and that I consider genius

A brand dedicated to all the Instagram fans that adore to post on this social media and that now have the chance to have their photos print on paper squares, on posters, on magnets, on clothes...and the list goes on. The accessories such as frames or even the paper are all made of our greatest portuguese wood, what makes me so incredible proud. A portuguese brand (with a portuguese team: Maria, Diana, André, Bruno e Gonçalo) that use all of our portuguese noble materials, making everything more special.

The first time I discovered the Print My World I become an instantaneous fan: you just need to log in into your Instagram account, select the amount and the photos that you want to print (for an affordable price) et voilà, after three days you received them in our home. For now, Print My World only deliveries in Portugal but hopefully soon in other countries. 

What I'm going to do now is order a special frame and soon I show you the result! This gift is one of those gifts that warm my heart, because as Print My World says "Your world is way too important to be in your mobilephone. Print it!'.

As Christmas is just around the corner..what do you think about offering your beloved ones a gift from Print My World? A true smile of happiness and a tight hug are guaranteed.

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"I've got chills, they're multiplying. (...) To my heart I must be true. You're the One that I want.', my expectations of the new CHANEL Nº5 were higher than ever, as soon I saw the teaser featuring the one n' only Gisele I knew that it would be simply phenomenal and...it is absolutely phenomenal

The marvelous CHANEL wardrobe is breathtaking, the music, oh when the music starts I have chills that multiplying, this song by the voice of Lo-Fang gained an all different allure, mesmerizing. The scenarios..I can tell you that I never wanted more to have a surfboard like now, to surf around these blue waves feeling every single second. Or to be a golden muse dancing around the stars, as long everything is CHANEL.

"A women, a destiny, a perfume." Nº5 #theonethatiwant, the world's most desirable fragrance. 

PS: New daily articles are coming on their way our lovelies, so, see you tomorrow and all week long! *
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Bliss. Love. Gratitude. These are some of the words that appear on my mind when I think about the blessings that are happening right now, and happen everyday, in our lives. A couple of months ago I read this quote "An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that it’s going to launch you into something great. So just focus, and keep aiming." which makes me push myself even harder when it comes to my sweetest of dreams, which is one of the mottos of my life. Hopefully it will be inspiring for you as well our lovelies *.*.* 

Inspiring you with the most beautiful, positive things in life was always and is our goal with Katefp, from the blog, to the social media...the pictures that we post are always to make you smile and inspire you. These pictures are a reflex of moments of our lives that are worth to be shared - from my birthday smiles, the continued strength of My Love after thousands of kilometers, to the most stunning masterpieces at work - but then there are these sacred moments that we should always share with ourselves, and those, well those are forever kept in our most beloved memories. But the ones that we can share with the world are not only kept in our memories but in pictures that thankfully to social media can become a visual diary that you can also see on @katefpofficial. See you in a couple of days sweethearts, love life!

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