Yesterday I had of the most wonderful surprises in our mailbox, the sweetest of gifts from Print My World. One of those gifts that put me a smile from ear to ear: a personalized selection of photos from our Instagram into paper, that remind me that nothing else is so special as the eternal paper.

After receiving this gift I could only take a picture of it and publish it on Instagram or Facebook, but Print My World deserves so much more, all I want now is to share the love for this portuguese brand that just launch and that I consider genius

A brand dedicated to all the Instagram fans that adore to post on this social media and that now have the chance to have their photos print on paper squares, on posters, on magnets, on clothes...and the list goes on. The accessories such as frames or even the paper are all made of our greatest portuguese wood, what makes me so incredible proud. A portuguese brand (with a portuguese team: Maria, Diana, André, Bruno e Gonçalo) that use all of our portuguese noble materials, making everything more special.

The first time I discovered the Print My World I become an instantaneous fan: you just need to log in into your Instagram account, select the amount and the photos that you want to print (for an affordable price) et voilà, after three days you received them in our home. For now, Print My World only deliveries in Portugal but hopefully soon in other countries. 

What I'm going to do now is order a special frame and soon I show you the result! This gift is one of those gifts that warm my heart, because as Print My World says "Your world is way too important to be in your mobilephone. Print it!'.

As Christmas is just around the corner..what do you think about offering your beloved ones a gift from Print My World? A true smile of happiness and a tight hug are guaranteed.