A year ago while I's studying at Central Saint Martins I had the pleasure to meet incredible talented young students. The course had the goal to think about a Fashion project that we'd like to develop and you can imagine my reaction when my colleague Nirali from CSM contacted me telling me that she made her project real by creating the Pursenalist

Pursenalist has to be one of the most creative bag concepts that I discovered in a while, let me add that it's actually genius. Nirali designed three bags - Borsa, Cila, Portofolio - with a very special twist that you're about to find out. When 'Cila' arrived in our home I was super excited to try all the different styles in the same bag, by choosing an all black look adding both black straps or a black & red combo. This switch is made in a couple of seconds, how easy it is to change the straps (or if you want it you could go for no straps at all) and to have not just one more bag in our closet but so much more than it. It is super versatile, and I bet every woman would like to have a bag like this, that can be easily transformed in a blink of an eye. Besides being made of the finest Italian leather and gold hardware. I must confess that 'Cila' is now my bag on the go, this week I already went for the all black look, for the black and red..having the exact same reaction of my friends who asked "Where can I buy it? This is ama-zing', put amazing on it, you can find 'Cila' available here. My mom also adored it, I'm thinking about offering her the 'Cila' bag for Christmas, ssshhh, hopefully she's not going to read this part :)

In these pictures I styled 'Cila' d'accord with the way I want to wear it all the time, with both straps, hanging on my shoulder or on my hand, having a no particular look as my favorite because that's the amazing thing about the 'Cila' bag, every look is meant to be special

On another note, here I am wearing my Chanel earrings that My Love offered me for my 24 years, from that day that I am always wearing them, it's me on a pair of earrings, so much 

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