Sundaze state of mind: Sunday is probably my favorite day of the week, it is weekend and it is right before monday which means back to work. Luckily I don't feel any kind of nostalgia in relation to mondays, I gotta be thankful because when you love what you do mondays are pretty awe-so-me as Barney from HIMYM would say. I bet you are thinking "you're such a weirdo, mondays are terrible!' but try to see things on a positive note, so, tomorrow wake up with a smile on your face, would you do that for me? :)

This past weekend (and this one too) are my definition of Sundaze, which combine some things I love the most: my man crush everyday, a perfect view and sunsets at the beach... Well, it depends of the weekend of course, being with my family or friends, staying at home watching movies can also make a great Sunday. One thing is for sure, I always try to enjoy Sundays at the maximum, they are suppose to be fun, to relax and recharge batteries for another upcoming week. 

Talking about perfect views, look at this view from The Yeatman Hotel, definitely the best part of staying at it, the view is insanely beautiful. Waking up or falling asleep, swimming at night, having breakfast while watching this view is pure magic