July 01, 2017


Roma, la bella Roma! Last year in the Fontana di Trevi I have threw a coin as the tradition says, and after a year here I am again in the Eternal City.

This year we have stayed at the beautiful Palazzo Manfredi where we could get used to the marvelous view staring at the Colosseum...the Prestige room in which we stayed is very modern and cozy, in which I would not mind to have taken with me the geometric wallpaper, and can I also add the selection of pillows to the list? You can tell the excellence when the amenities are Acqua Di Parma, definitely the highest symbol of Italian elegance. 

Our favorite part of all? Waking up, getting ready for breakfast and enjoy the most stunning view of all at Aroma Restaurant facing the one and only Colosseum, joined by the best cappuccino and selection of sweets. This is a rare privilege to see such a lovely view, every minute was breathtaking while watching the sun embracing that colossal beauty

When the sun goes down we went to Aroma Bistrò to enjoy the aperitivo and a delightful dinner in which we were surprised by the flavors of not your usual Italian cuisine, with a very refined approach by the hands of the Chef Guiseppe Di Iorio. We have started with the antipasti which was "Courgette and aubergine Millefeuille with ricotta cheese and basil", the primi "Shaken Carbonara Rigatoni" which was served in a cocktail shaker (super fun!), followed by the secondi "Veal on a cauliflower cream and salsify chips" and finishing with a chocolate brownie for dessert. Do not want to sound repetitive but the view facing the Colle Oppio is dreamy...

Rome was warmer than ever in that week, and so we have spent more time at the Hotel than usual, and when it is such a gorgeous one we would not mind to prolongate our "Roman Holiday" at Palazzo Manfredi.  Definitely on a next time it will be again our Roman destination

Via Labicana, 125 - 00184 Rome

Via Labicana, 125 - 00184 Rome

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January 14, 2017


This winter light is quite magical...I have to confess I am such a portuguese lover, you can get this sunny warm feeling all year long. And let's hope for a magnificent new year filled of love, health and pure bliss 

Three layers and you are ready to enjoy the weekend, today I went for black on top with my favorite zip knit, a structured blazer and a leather (dad) cap. Dad caps are definitely here to stay, aren't they? Just look at the Balenciaga Resort '17 to get inspired, quite need those caps in my life (both in black and in white please!).

A magical light captured by my friend Miguel who is the author of the lovely Mr. Gradient blog, amazing reading for Fashion lovers as us. Yes, because years go by and my passions remain the same, such as Fashion, always and forever. Have you already discovered your biggest passion in life?

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