October 08, 2017


It cannot get more charming than to stay at a lovely Villa in the heart of Cannes: Villa Du Roc Fleuri, hosted by the gentle Fanny and Peps who received us during a week in our Côte D'Azur holidays...and how dreamy it was. 

Villa Du Roc Fleuri has the most photogenic corners everywhere...the blossoming flowers, the colorful decoration, the joie de vivre invades this Villa and invades our hearts. 

The day we arrived we were greeted by Fanny and her sweet dog Peps who had showed us our home away from home and our adorable room, La Chambre nº5. Staying at the Villa we had recharged our batteries, sleeping peacefully all night and waking up in the morning enjoying a view of the sunny Cannes joined by a delightful breakfast.
The breakfast is filled of all the French Riviera delights has to offer: pain au chocolat (I must confess I have ate too many of these, what can I say? A favorite of mine), baguette, croissants, crêpes, different cakes everyday, varied cheeses, homemade jams, fresh orange juice and your drink of choice. Cappuccino for me and long coffee for Fernando...you know you have the best Villa hostess when your drinks or wishes are memorized and when she chooses you a special tea when you had ate too many pain au chocolat. And the breakfast couldn't be complete without playing with Peps, the perfect co-hostess :) 

At the Villa Du Roc Fleuri you can also book a table for dinner and one of the nights we had enjoyed a homemade meal cooked by Fanny inspired by one of her grandma's recipes: the starter was a bouchée de polenta au parmesan, moving to the main course of Poulet rôti de grand-mère accompagné de légumes and finishing with la tarte rhubarbe fraise. Cozy, traditional and simply delicious.
All the other dinner nights were thanks to the list of restaurants that you can find at the Villa suggested by Fanny and every single one of them had corresponded to the expectations. Great, amazing flavors from the French Riviera. 

Life at the Villa is pure joy, is living the little pleasures in life with calm and time as enjoying a drink on the terrace while having long sweet talks...and preparing ourselves for a week full of adventures at the Côte d'Azur.  

In Cannes you feel the Belle Époque in every glimpse and I have arrived so inspired from the journey and with the will to comeback soon. Cannes, Nice, Monaco, Saint-Tropez you are a dream...a beautiful blue-ish dream filled of palm trees and serenity. 


Villa Du Roc Fleuri
11 Rue du Rocher, 06400 Cannes, France
06 30 20 82 41

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July 01, 2017


Roma, la bella Roma! Last year in the Fontana di Trevi I have threw a coin as the tradition says, and after a year here I am again in the Eternal City.

This year we have stayed at the beautiful Palazzo Manfredi where we could get used to the marvelous view staring at the Colosseum...the Prestige room in which we stayed is very modern and cozy, in which I would not mind to have taken with me the geometric wallpaper, and can I also add the selection of pillows to the list? You can tell the excellence when the amenities are Acqua Di Parma, definitely the highest symbol of Italian elegance. 

Our favorite part of all? Waking up, getting ready for breakfast and enjoy the most stunning view of all at Aroma Restaurant facing the one and only Colosseum, joined by the best cappuccino and selection of sweets. This is a rare privilege to see such a lovely view, every minute was breathtaking while watching the sun embracing that colossal beauty

When the sun goes down we went to Aroma Bistrò to enjoy the aperitivo and a delightful dinner in which we were surprised by the flavors of not your usual Italian cuisine, with a very refined approach by the hands of the Chef Guiseppe Di Iorio. We have started with the antipasti which was "Courgette and aubergine Millefeuille with ricotta cheese and basil", the primi "Shaken Carbonara Rigatoni" which was served in a cocktail shaker (super fun!), followed by the secondi "Veal on a cauliflower cream and salsify chips" and finishing with a chocolate brownie for dessert. Do not want to sound repetitive but the view facing the Colle Oppio is dreamy...

Rome was warmer than ever in that week, and so we have spent more time at the Hotel than usual, and when it is such a gorgeous one we would not mind to prolongate our "Roman Holiday" at Palazzo Manfredi.  Definitely on a next time it will be again our Roman destination

Via Labicana, 125 - 00184 Rome

Via Labicana, 125 - 00184 Rome

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