From Guimarães to Quinta do Vale de Abraão we had found our slice of heaven: Six Senses Douro Valley.

I already had the privilege to stay in some of the finest hotels and this first Six Senses in Portugal is certainly in the top of my list. This renewed century XIX mansion offers you the sense of escaping reality...

During the all weekend that was what I felt, that I was living on a dream of autumnal colors and did not want to leave. 
A weekend is definitely not enough to stay at this paradise on earth, however if you only have a free weekend like us, you should book your getaway right now. In case you are lucky to book for a week you can experience so many different and unique activities on the luxurious Hotel. Curiosity: on the room you can find a serie of programs to do during the all week such as Yoga, painting tiles with the renewed talented artist Helena Ferreira, discover the organic garden where the vegetables and aromatic herbs are produced. We had a Wine Tasting booked on the Wine Library where you can find more than 750 wine vintage references, however as time flies we went to discover the interior and exterior magical spots of the Hotel and the Spa

Six Senses is brilliantly recognized for their Spas and when heading to this Spa you enter on a journey of reconnecting with yourself and of pure well being. I enjoyed a ginger and mint tea while recharging batteries and simply breath. Breath in, breath out. At the Spa and in other several places you can find some allusions to alchemy..."pegasus pills" that claim to make you fly were tempting or what about some "scorpio drops" to smell good? Fun and irresistible at least. 

Six Senses respects mother Nature like no other, in which sustainability is one of their key words. Natural materials such as wood or stone decorate the different spaces and the decoration is really spot on, elegant, refined keeping an alliance with the tradicional

Dining at Restaurant Vale de Abraão was a real experience in which all of our senses are awaken feeling the freshness of flavors and genuine ingredients. The oysters were simply incredible and for dessert Fernando and I shared a cheesecake with the appearance of the typical Queijo da Serra. On a first glimpse it seemed that we had ordered a real cheese to the table. Congrats to the Chefs for their creativity and beautiful dishes. 

The breakfast is full of colors, vibrant, rich...being breakfast my favorite meal of the day I definitely enjoyed some of the most amazing delights. On the breakfast you can count with a Chef 's suggestion of the day. On that Sunday was egg omelette filled with vegetables and we also had the pleasure to try one of our favorite classics - Eggs Benedict - and by the pictures you certainly would not resist...on point.

Sunday morning was joined by a resplendent sun, how wonderful was to wake up on our beautiful room, open the windows and be kissed by the sun in our eyes with a breathtaking view. Followed by a long bath on the tub inside the room and getting ready for a long and exciting day ahead of us. The loveliest Joana Van Zeller, Public Relations Director, kindly showed us the Hotel through her knowledgeable eye and made us feel even more in love with the Hotel, if that was possible as it was love at first sight.

A perfect getaway for every month of the year and for every season. We discovered the Autumnal charm at Six Senses Douro Valley and we hope to comeback on those long Summer nights enjoying the outdoor cinema joined by a glass of wine and Douro flawless view.

Six Senses Douro Valley
Quinta Vale de Abraão, Lamego