May 27, 2018


In 2015 the Valverde Boutique Hotel won the prestigious International Best Luxury New Hotel award by the World Luxury Awards 2015. Since that moment that this Hotel in Lisbon had caught our curious eye and aim to discover another treasure gem.

Avenida da Liberdade is without a doubt the pearl of Lisbon and the Valverde is a green oasis right in the center of Avenida looking as this glorious house with twenty five exclusive bedrooms. Trust me when I say Valverde is a green oasis. The exterior part is as stunning as the interior and I have to confess it was my favorite part of the stay. My inner wish was to take the garden to our home. In the garden you embrace all the elements: water, air, fire and earth. You can feel in peace in the middle of busy Lisbon. 
In the weekend that we went to Lisbon, three weeks ago, with Eurovision events happening we felt like we were in our own private place simply enjoying and relaxing without hearing the noises outside but only the bossa nova at the garden.

Coolness, sophistication with a natural ease can be some of the key words to describe Valverde. The decoration is a fusion between the fifties and the sixties with stunning paintings, sculptures and Italian antiques spread around the Hotel. The wallpapers from Cole & Sun make the atmosphere feel even more special

The staff could not be nicer to us, on Sunday we had the pleasure to speak with Financial Director, Rui, and Marta who so kindly explained us all the curiosities about the charming Valverde. Next time a lunch is booked with the Director of Sales, Sandra and General Director, Adélia who invited us and we will have the pleasure to show you Sítio Restaurant and the Menu Chef Carla Sousa will choose for us. 

Something that Fernando and I particularly loved is that the employees from the Hotel are all dressed on a sporty chic way with clothing and shoes from Lacoste. This makes everyone, staff and guests included, much more conformable talking to each other without the formalism we face in certain Hotels. It is appropriate to their context and a great elegant twist.

Valverde has an unique style that make us want to comeback again on a next time for a few more days.

For Reservations:
Avenida da Liberdade, 164, Lisboa